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Our mission is to explore cultural and technical tooling that addresses the meta-crisis.


Our "meta-mission" is to constantly redefine our purpose over time, adapting to the shifting technological, societal, and ecological landscapes.

Who Are We?


We ask questions.

We are the DAO that’s not a DAO.


We embrace the chaos to enable order.

We are dedicated to exploring the adjacent possible.
We seek to provide the Sangha with a bank account.
We have a liminal shared context and a multitude of perspectives, and we seek to better understand each other.

We are integrating personal process and relationship cultivation to generate sustainable DAO models.

Web3 Badges - We are exploring Soul-Bound (non-transferable) token issuance options to help scaffold a Wisdom Commons and provide the Sangha with a bank account.

Liberating Structures - Implementing cultural tooling to facilitate healthier and more fruitful conversation. - Glass Bead Game, online.


DAOjo - Process by which projects can come into the LiminalDAO and be stewarded towards right relationship with humanity, nature and technology.


Conjure - Open spacial programming tool that enables a network of networks to increasingly make effective sense of reality together. An aesthetic of magick helps bridge the gap between how we interact with virtual and non-virtual objects.

Soft DAO tooling - Valuing agency over determinism. Decisions are made via speech, not tokens. Security enforced via observability vs enforcement. Human driven change vs. smart contracts. Alignment & Convergence through Discourse vs. Governance through pre-ordained mechanism.


Epoché - Experimenting with dissent as a mechanism for decision making, as well as focusing more on “Alignment" and "Resourcing” instead of “Governance” and "Economics".


Meme Team - Speeding up the replication and distribution of “Right Memes”.

Friends - Forrest Landry, Active Inference, Emerge Austin 2022






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